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PAID TIME OFF (PTO)  |  Betenbough Companies recognizes the value of its team members' efforts and the importance of time off from work. To support this, the Company has designed a paid time off (PTO) plan that incorporates vacation, personal, and sick leave into one policy that provides full-time team members with time to relax and recharge in a healthy rhythm of rest while employed.

PTO accruals are based on your anniversary date and do not roll over year after year because we encourage you to use it within the given year. PTO is a benefit to be used during a team member’s employment. PTO has zero cash value if not used during the calendar year or upon separation of employment.

PTO is provided to full time team members and can be requested no further than one year in advance and must have the pre-approval of your leader. PTO related to sudden illness requires notification to the leader as soon as possible and may require medical documentation for repeated or long-term illness.

PTO For Returning Employees   If a former full-time team member returns to full-time employment within one year of departure, they will regain unused earned PTO and their years of service calculation will resume.

Any former full-time team member who returns to full-time employment after more than one year of departure will forfeit any unused earned PTO and years of service.

Commission-Only Employees    Team members that are paid on a commission-only basis are not eligible for PTO. Commission-only team members will continue to be paid per closing regardless of their physical presence at work. However, in order to be good stewards of this benefit, commission-only team members are required to approve their schedule with their leader and track their time off.

Unpaid time off is subject to leader approval and is available to you during your first six months of employment or if you have exhausted your accrued PTO.

Please refer to your business’s supplemental policy for additional information. Note that in the supplemental guides different team member categories have different PTO policies based on the needs of their role, brand, or team.

SABBATICAL LEAVE  |  Sabbatical Leave exists to encourage you to take time for rest, renewal, and reflection after 10 years of continuous employment. The Hebrew origin for sabbatical is “shabbat” which means “to cease”. This offering is intended to be a blessing, not a burden. We believe it is a healthy practice to step away from your work identity and gain new perspective – both for you and your team.

Following every 10 years of continuous employment, permanent full-time team members are required to take four consecutive weeks of sabbatical leave. They will receive sabbatical leave in addition to the normally allotted five weeks of PTO and are still eligible to attend a vision trip. With that in mind, only four weeks can be taken consecutively. A sabbatical cannot be scheduled during a time that a team member is walking through a season of “red” correction (see coaching continuum).

Sabbatical leave must have the pre-approval of the leader with at least 60 days’ notice.  It is the responsibility of the leader to encourage their team members to schedule their sabbatical leave, ensuring they are guilt-free about their absence. Team members are required to remain “off work” during this time including work emails and phone calls.

Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of the applicable plans, all insurance benefits will continue to be provided for the four weeks of sabbatical leave. As always, team members are required to pay their portion of premium costs.

MILESTONE BONUS | Milestone bonuses are a benefit for permanent, full time team members at every five-year mark of consecutive employment. The bonus will be paid out during each fifth year of full time, permanent, consecutive employment. The bonus will equal $1,000 per year employed (examples: 5-year = $5,000; 10-year = $10,000). Team members must be employed on their milestone company anniversary date to receive the bonus. The bonus will not be pro-rated and has zero cash value upon separation.

BEREAVEMENT  |  Bereavement leave is provided to permanent full-time team members who need to take time off work due to the death of an immediate family iii member.

Benefits will be paid at 100% of weekly earnings based on the following schedule:

  • Up to four weeks in the case of death of a spouse or child
  • Up to one week in the case of all other immediate family iii members

iii Any person who is related to you by blood or marriage, or whose relationship with you is similar to a relative even though they are not related by blood or marriage.

OVERTIME  |  Non-exempt team members will receive overtime pay in accordance with the federal and state wage and hour laws. Overtime pay is based on the actual hours worked. For this reason, time off for sick leave, vacation, and other paid or unpaid leaves of absence is not counted as hours worked when calculating overtime pay. All overtime must be approved by your leader.

ESOP ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  |  The appreciation in value of Betenbough Companies stock will be affected should the Executive Leadership Team choose to give a portion or all the profits away to a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

While it is the desire of the leadership team to contribute to your ESOP plan each year, the amount, if any, will be determined by the overall profitability of the company.  If a contribution is deemed appropriate, it will be made in either cash or shares of stock, whichever the Executive Leadership Team chooses.

If you choose not to participate in the ESOP, your job will not be in jeopardy and there will be no other repercussions from making that choice. Your advancement and/or company compensation will not be adversely affected by your decision not to participate in the ESOP.

VISION TRIP PARTICIPATION  |  Vision trip participation is provided for permanent full-time team members and is an opportunity to fostering growth for team members and their families, team build, and experience the impact of our ministry partners.

To be eligible to sign up for a trip, the dates of the trip must be after the team member’s one-year Company anniversary date.

Financial Plan

1st Trip: 100% of trip costs paid by the Company (including paid time off, visas, travel expenses, shots). Each attendee will be fully responsible for costs related to obtaining passports and spending money for incidentals (such as snacks, souvenirs, etc.) during the trip.

2nd Trip: 90% of trip costs paid by the Company. Each attendee will be financially responsible for 10% of trip costs and fully responsible for costs related to obtaining passports and spending money for incidentals during the trip.

3rd & Subsequent Trips: 75% of trip costs paid by the Company. Each attendee will be financially responsible for 25% of trip costs and fully responsible for costs related to obtaining passports and spending money for incidentals during the trip. 


Each year, we provide an opportunity for team members to explore all vision trip options. Sign-ups usually occur at the end of the year. Team members will receive a full version of the policy upon signing up for a trip.