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We supply support services for each brand within Betenbough Companies – Betenbough Homes, Alcove Farms, The Willows Event Center, Kingdom at Work - the movement - and Impact Title. Our passionate teams are servant-hearted and include accounting, IT and software, human resources, analytics, marketing, and cultural engagement. By offering our services, our brands can focus on creating products and services in a positive environment that impact our communities for the better.

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Lubbock, TX

Business Data Analyst

As a data analyst, you will use creative thinking and factual information to formulate practical solutions across our businesses. You should be naturally curious, passionate about learning, and able to summarize and communicate complex information concisely with others.
The Email Marketing Specialist is primarily responsible for development, execution, and enhancement of all email marketing strategies for Betenbough Companies' brands to create and nurture leads and enhance customer experiences.
The Marketing Project Coordinator serves as the liaison between the Marketing team and brand representatives. This person's role is to organize tasks and projects, coordinate with teams and stakeholders, and help push marketing projects forward to meet deadlines.
Develop, execute and enhance digital marketing strategies through web design and development to reach targets for brand awareness and increase lead generation.
Lubbock, TX

Systems Engineer

Bring value by serving our customers, providing technology to help them become more efficient and improve their quality of life.
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