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We are West Texas’ number one home builder, having built more than 11,000 homes for families in Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland and Odessa since 1992. As industry pioneers, our employees are passionate about creating processes and systems that allow us to offer more home for less money, while creating a one-of-a kind buying experience for our customers.

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The Construction Estimator will primarily be a field role that will audit and analyze material takeoffs on all floor plans.  This will entail weekly field counts and reports on all materials to ensure we are purchasing and delivering an accurate amount of material for our trade partners to perform their tasks.  Work closely with the construction support teams, as well as the regional constructions teams to eliminate waste and costly overages that we can then pass along to the home buyer. Directly responsible for adjusting material quantities to accurate levels.

Were you always told to quiet down in school? This is the job you’ve always dreamed of. As a sales professional you will serve our home buyers by walking them through one of life’s most memorable and exciting experiences. Our buyers need someone to talk to, someone to understand, and someone to share in the joy that building a home brings. If you are passionate, excitable and interested in people, this may be the best job you’ll ever have!        

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