Some say the culture is the benefit.

When people are the passion, intentional culture and generous benefits are the natural outcome.

When you do something that you enjoy, it's not really work anymore — you're just having fun.

Humberto Pena, Odessa Builder

Our Culture

We see work as a gift that brings us together. We also understand that the average employee spends 40+ hours on the job each week, so we strive to create an atmosphere that isn't just great to work in, but that also seeks to enhance every area of life.

  • Intentional Growth

    We are passionate about investing in diverse opportunities for growth. Every team member works with their leader to craft a growth plan specific to their role, team, personality, and skill-set. This can include local trainings, business conferences, participation in industry associations, and access to numerous other growth resources.

  • Adaptive & Innovative

    Our teams are fast-paced and agile as we strive to continually enhance everything we touch. We are committed to doing the best we can with our gifts and abilities. We are incessant tinkerers who love to try out new ideas and fine-tune processes.

  • Family-Centric

    Not only do we strive to honor every relationship at work - but also at home. Each year we provide numerous opportunities for connection. This includes family lunches, retreats, vision trips, and all-company events.



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ESOP Retirement

Betenbough Employee Stock Ownership Retirement Plan (ESOP)

Paid Travel

Conferences, trainings, and development opportunites to grow you both professionally and personally



Medical with employer HSA contributions, dental, vision, and employer paid life and disability


Paid Parental Leave

Primary caregivers receive up to eight weeks of paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child (non-primary caregivers recieve up to two weeks)

Using the HSA offered by Betenbough has saved us so much money. We've been able to give two of our kids braces when previously it wouldn't have been possible.

Kaylah Barnes, Event Specialist