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Position in Lubbock

Architecture BIM Specialist

Role Overview

As an Architecture Building Information Modeling (BIM) Specialist, you will be the driving force behind the internal functions of the architecture team. This includes performing tasks such as creating and maintaining accurate Revit families, writing new Dynamo or Revit API modules, and expanding on existing Betenbough Homes’ Architecture software. This position requires you to take ownership of these processes and make them your own. Always be looking for ways to improve the efficiency and quality of everything the team does. Seek mastery of these processes and use that to make our team better.

Core Functions

  • Create
    • Design robust and comprehensive Revit families.
    • Write efficient Dynamo scripts or Revit modules.
  • Refine
    • Organize the teams file structure for easy access.
    • Maintain existing software for bugs and new features.
    • Assist in creating faster processes or procedures.
  • Create
    • Craft comprehensive sets of construction documents.
    • Draw sketches and schematic designs for new products.
  • Improve
    • Gain mastery of our current systems so you can understand ways to improve them.
    • Implement changes that help improve the quality or efficiency of our products and processes.

Role Values

  • Excellence
    • Bring your best every day. Perfection is not expected, but continuous improvement is.
  • Driven
    • Push to improve yourself and your work. Make every day about learning something new or getting better in a specific area.
  • Humility
    • Stay humble in how you handle mistakes and changes. Own up to things you break or be willing to say you don’t know something.
  • Servant
    • Many people rely on our plans. We are here to serve everyone with the work we do. If there are questions or requests, respond with a servant’s heart.
  • Improver
    • Don’t settle for doing things the way they have always been done. Look for ways to improve the efficiency of tasks or projects using better tools or workflows.
  • Confidence
    • Stand up for your ideas and have the know-how to back them up. Take ownership of your work and be willing to push back during discussions.

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to quickly learn without formal training.
  • Continual passion for proactively learning new software development skills.
  • Strong time-management and organizational skills with proven ability to drive projects to completion.
  • Proven ability to document, verbalize and organize thoughts, and use them to work effectively with customers and team members.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with the creation and maintenance of construction documents.
  • Firm understanding of Revit/Dynamo and its API.
  • Fluency with Python, Publishing and Repositories.

Work Environment & Physical Requirements

  • Office Role
  • Vision for near, mid-range and far as well as hearing for low, medium, and high pitch.
  • Requires physical ability for standing, sitting, crouching, kneeling, frequent walking, reaching above head and below waist.
  • Ability to lift 5 – 20 pounds.

Hours & Schedule

  • Average 40 hours per week (8am-5pm, M-F).
  • Minimal travel required for company events and inter-region collaboration.


  • Comprehensive Employee Benefit Package
  • Employer-Paid Life, AD&D, LTD Insurance
  • Enrolled into ESOP (Retirement Benefits)
  • Paid Time Off Policy
  • Company-Issued Cell Phone
  • Company Training Opportunities    
  • Company-Sponsored Vision Trips
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