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DevOps Engineer

Role Overview

The DevOps Engineer will build functional systems that improve user and developer experiences, improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure and workflows, and continuously measure application performance. He or she will be responsible for service delivery, reliability, scalability, resiliency, monitoring, and helping to define all of this as immutable infrastructure-as-code. 

Core Functions

  • Maintain, improve, and innovate the build, test, and deployment pipelines for critical, distributed, cloud-based applications. 
  • Maintain, improve, evangelize, and monitor compliance with DevOps security best practices.
  • Research, evaluate, implement, and update tools, technologies, and other solutions in the industry as related to DevOps.
  • Create and maintain scripts, programs, infrastructure, visualizations, dashboards, and other tooling related to DevOps responsibilities such as building, testing, and deploying code; monitoring for, detecting, and alerting on runtime issues; measuring and reporting on various KPIs.
  • Troubleshoot and perform root cause analysis to trace issues back to their underlying causes, correcting and escalating issues as appropriate; optimizing underperforming systems; automate repetitive tasks; perform routine maintenance and day-to-day administrative responsibilities.
  • Collaborate with software development and IT teams across the entire software development lifecycle; participate in project planning; propose, scope, design, and implement various infrastructure solutions.

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • 2+ years previous full-time experience in a DevOps role.
  • Strong understanding of – and experience deploying and maintaining – large-scale, decoupled, distributed, micro-serviced, highly-available, fault-tolerant systems at scale.
  • Practical experience with containerization and clustering technologies (e.g. Docker and Kubernetes).
  • Expertise with Azure cloud infrastructure related to web technologies.
  • Experience implementing complex CI/CD pipelines.
  • Experience with infrastructure-as-code (e.g. Terraform, Cloudformation).
  • Proficiency in at least one shell scripting language such as bash or powershell.
  • Effective communication and documentation skills in the English language.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience building DevOps cultures and systems from scratch.
  • Full understanding of Software Development Lifecycle best practices.
  • Experience with delivery of a SaaS product.
  • Experience in working in Agile environments.
  • Strong understanding of DNS, TCPDUMP, CDNS, SSL, Firewalls, and networking concepts (VPC, subnetting, etc).
  • Understanding of monitoring tools (e.g. Cloudwatch, Datadog, Sentry, etc.)
  • Experience in Git, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Saltstack, Ansible, CircleCI, GitLab, TravisCI, Mule, Terraform, or similar tools.
  • Experience in customer service or other human-facing positions.

Work Environment & Physical Requirements

  • Office environment.
  • Vision for near, mid-range and far as well as hearing for low, medium, and high pitch.
  • Requires physical ability for standing, sitting, crouching, kneeling, frequent walking, reaching above head and below waist.
  • Must have a current and valid driver’s license and must be able to be insured by company fleet insurance.
  • Most office jobs: Ability to lift 5 – 20 pounds.

Hours & Schedule

  • Average 40 hours per week (8am-5pm, M-F).
  • No evenings or Sundays.
  • Minimal travel required for company events and inter-region collaboration.


  • Comprehensive Employee Benefit Package
  • Company-issued cell phone
  • Employer-Paid Life, AD&D, LTD Insurance
  • Company Training Opportunities
  • Enrolled into ESOP (Retirement Benefits)
  • Company-Sponsored Vision Trips
  • Paid Time Off Policy
  • Internet Stipend
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