Superintendent/Project Manager

Josh Motlong

Position in Odessa

Superintendent/Project Manager

Role Overview

Build homes to the highest standards in a team environment with systems created for efficiency, effectively maintaining quality and timely completion to serve each trades, suppliers and homebuyers in an impactful way.

Core Functions

  • Build relationships daily with trade partners, vendors, and Betenbough Team Members
  • Make sure that trade partners complete their work on time
  • Inspect all work for quality and completion in alignment with BH specifications for payment approval
  • Perform In-Progress Inspections that are done with detail to maintain our quality of construction
  • Hold trade partners accountable to city codes and company quality standards and construction processes.
  • Be able to proactively address issues before they arise.
  • Nurture and grow our Trade Base by helping existing trades become more successful in what they do finding them opportunities to be better and help recruit new trades.

Role Values

  • Management Skills/Project Management:
    • Ability to quickly Prioritize
    • Ability to organize and multi-task
  • Relationship Management:
    • Listening
    • Conflict resolution. Peacemaker versus peace-keeper, able to lean in to difficult conversations for long-term health.
    • maintenance of relationships with people and partners, stewarding relationships around us
  • Grit:
    • Finding a way to get things done in spite of adversity.
    • Strong desire to improve things, improver.
    • Strong resolve; Courage to go against the grain
  • Aptitude:
    • high level of intellect or a quickness to learn, teachable.
    • ability to retain information
    • Capacity: The ability to carry a wide arrange of responsibilities and workload, without out affecting one’s health.
  • Discipline:
    • Able to uphold set forth processes, and correct unwanted behavior and practices.
    • Able to produce set forth behaviors that protect and promote order
  • Confidence:
    • Self-confidence, confident in yourself
    • Positive energy, not to be confused with a high energy individual, but more of an outlook and mindset towards problems.
    • Confident enough that even without any construction experience when walking a jobsite/home they say “tell me more about that”, “how does that work”.

Required Skills & Qualifications

Certification(s) or Degree

Work Environment & Physical Requirements

  • Vision for near, mid-range and far as well as hearing for low, medium, and high pitch.
  • Requires physical ability for standing, sitting, crouching, kneeling, lots of walking, reaching above head and below waist.
  • Frequent walking on uneven surfaces (dirt, concrete, rock, etc.).
  • Ability to navigate hazardous conditions such as frequent moving vehicles, construction equipment, overhead construction, and various construction materials.
  • Must have a current and valid driver’s license and must be able to be insured by company fleet insurance.
  • Ability to lift 20 – 75 pounds.

Hours & Schedule

  • Average 50 hours per week (7am-5pm, M-F).
  • Lunch meetings are occasionally required.
  • After hours and weekends may be necessary on occasion for trips, events, or to meet deadlines.
  • Travel is occasionally required.
  • Minimal travel required for company events and inter-region collaboration.


  • Comprehensive Employee Benefit Package
  • Employer-Paid Life, AD&D, LTD Insurance
  • Enrolled into ESOP (Retirement Benefits)
  • Paid Time Off Policy
  • Company-issued cell phone
  • Company Training Opportunities    
  • Company-Sponsored Vision Trips
  • Company Provided Vehicle
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