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Warranty Manager

Role Overview

The Warranty Manager is responsible for leading, training, and holding the warranty team and trade partners accountable for the daily tasks, practices, discipline, and environment in and around a homeowner’s home, while passing on company philosophies. They should also intentionally be modeling and promoting spiritual, personal, and professional growth in each team member.

Core Functions

  • Facilitate weekly one on ones with your team members
  • Facilitate team meetings and hold team accountable for completing work orders according to warranty schedule for results delivered to achieve a world class warranty experience
  • Work with all regional managers to identify recurring issues and help resolve them, while improving our systems and processes
  • Recruit trades and develop relationships with new and current trades and vendors to successfully perform excellent warranty service
  • Stay engaged with the quality and completion of homes as they are handed to the warranty team
  • Work with Regional Management Team to set yearly goals. Help regional management team with monitoring community appearance
  • Required to work along side your detail team members and construction team to help where needed
  • Responsible for growing and maintaining a healthy team environment
  • Must foster an environment of working with your hands and learning new things so the team can become efficient and effective to perform all warranty tasks in house
  • Responsible for all maintenance and appearance of New Home Center property

Role Values

  • Management Skills: Able to balance level of detail with the pace of progress to move things forward, ability to prioritize team tasks as well as time management
  • Relationship Management: Good listener, conflict resolution. Peace maker versus peacekeeper, able to lean into difficult conversations for long-term health, maintenance of relationships with people and partners, stewarding relationships around us
  • Aptitude: high level of intellect or a quickness to learn, teachable, ability to retain information
  • Capacity: The ability to carry a wide arrange of responsibilities and workload, without out affecting one’s health
  • Discipline: Able to uphold set forth processes, and correct unwanted behavior and practices, able to produce set forth behaviors that protect and promote order
  • Ambition: Ability to get things done in spite of adversity, strong desire to improve things, creativity/ability to think outside the box
  • Awareness: Professional appearance, quickly connect, approachable, positive first impression, display self-confidence while initiating eye contact with homebuyers
  • Adaptable: Optimistically embraces change, able to shift through a variety of different tasks, successfully work with a variety of personalities in group work and homeowner interactions
  • Hands On: Loves to work with your hands, desires to learn and become efficient with their craft. This value models the expectations for the entire warranty team

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Five years of construction experience
  • Ability to negotiate prices with trade partners.
  • Ability to manage financial spreadsheets.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous management experience

Work Environment & Physical Requirements

  • Office and Field Role
  • Vision for near, mid-range and far as well as hearing for low, medium, and high pitch
  • Requires physical ability for standing, sitting, crouching, kneeling, frequent walking, reaching above head and below waist
  • Frequent walking on uneven surfaces (dirt, concrete, rock, etc.)
  • Ability to navigate hazardous conditions such as frequent moving vehicles, construction equipment, and various construction materials
  • Must have a current and valid driver’s license and must be able to be insured by company fleet insurance
  • Most field jobs: Ability to lift 20 – 75 pounds

Hours & Schedule

  • Average 50 hours per week (7am-5pm, M-F)
  • Days and weekends required
  • Travel is occasionally required
  • Minimal travel required for company events and inter-region collaboration


  • Comprehensive Employee Benefit Package
  • Employer-Paid Life, AD&D, LTD Insurance
  • Enrolled into ESOP (Retirement Benefits)
  • Paid Time Off Policy
  • Company-issued cell phone
  • Company Training Opportunities    
  • Company-Sponsored Vision Trips
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