Betenbough Companies

the willows event center policy

PAID TIME OFF (PTO)  |  There will be Black Out days where PTO may not be used – a blackout calendar will be given to full-time employees at the beginning of the year, if applicable. All other PTO must be requested at least 30 days before time needed for vacations or weekends off. All requests must be approved by the manager based off workplace needs. Sick days require available PTO days to be used.

*Already scheduled PTO requests will be honored.


year one (6 mo. from start date – 1st ann.)

5 days

year two

10 days

year three and beyond

15 days
PTO will begin with 1 week at 6 months. At 1 year team members will have 2 weeks, and at 2 years team members will get 3 weeks.  Each year following will continue at 3 weeks

PTO Accrual

year one (6 mo. from start date - 1st ann.) 5 days

year two 10 days

year three and beyond | 15 days

HOLIDAY TIME OFF | Certain traditional holidays are bookable for events, in which case employees will have to be scheduled to work. In cases where we have booked an event on a holiday or certain holiday weekends, employees who are scheduled and work the event will receive up to a $100 bonus. See The Willows holiday calendar for additional details.

PARENTAL LEAVE  |  Parental leave is provided for permanent full-time team members following the birth or adoption of a child for the purpose of bonding. Benefits will be paid at 100% of weekly earnings based on the following schedule:

Primary Caregivers   If employed for one year or longer, team members are eligible to receive up to eight consecutive weeks of parental leave. If employed less than one year, team members are eligible to receive up to four weeks of parental leave.

Non- Primary Caregivers   If employed for one year or longer, team members are eligible to receive up to two weeks of parental leave within the first month of birth. If employed for less than one year, team members are eligible to receive up to one week of parental leave within the first month of birth.

Parental leave will run concurrently with medical leave. For example, a primary caregiver, employed one or more years, who gave birth will typically receive six weeks of medical leave benefits which will be followed by two weeks of parental leave benefits for a total of eight weeks of paid leave between the two policies.

Parental leave benefits will not be paid beyond the stated benefit. If a team member continues to be absent from work, they are eligible to request PTO.

FOSTER LEAVE  |  Foster leave is provided for permanent, full-time team members who are the primary caregiver in the family. Following the start of a fostering event, team members are eligible to receive up to one week (five working days) of leave per fostering event. In the case where the fostering event becomes an adoption, Parental leave would then apply.

COMPANY DRESS STANDARDS | As a team member, you contribute to our brand reputation and our core value of excellence by having a professional appearance. In addition to the overall company dress standards (found in the Betenbough Companies Policy Guide) the following standards also apply:  

Banquet Team Standard Specifics 

  • Event Prep Day – Black t-shirt, black jeans, Company approved athletic shoes.
  • Day-Of Event – Black blouse or provided black branded shirt with black pants and Company approved black shoes.

Kitchen/Culinary Team Standard Specifics  

Must wear approved or provided, clean, uniform including chef pants or black pants (no jeans or leggings), assigned chef coat or provided shirt, and black non-slip shoes. No Crocs. Hair must be pulled back in a chef hat, toque, or head covering curing working hours.

Event Sales Team Standards Specifics

  • Office Day- See Female or Male Dress Standards below
  • Event Day-black blouse with black dress pants, or skirts, or a professional style black dress

Female Dress Standard Specifics

Shirts    Blouses, sweaters, and dress shirts only. No t-shirts. No tank / tube / halter / midriff / spaghetti strap tops allowed. No sheer or revealing material. Sleeveless dress shirts should go all the way to the shoulder. No low-back shirts that do not have a shirt under them. Blazers are welcome, but not required.

Pants    Slacks, chinos, or colored jeans only. No blue jeans, shorts, or linen pants. No leggings or jeggings as pants (anything worn over leggings must  come to or past the knee).

Skirts & Dresses    Length of skirts and dresses must come to or past the knee.

Shoes   Closed/open heels, three inches or less, or closed/open-toed flats. All shoes must be professional in nature. Shoes must be appropriate for your position (special consideration is needed if you are in the field or on your feet for many hours a day). No athletic shoes or flip-flops.

Male Dress Standard Specifics

Shirts    Collared button-down shirt, sweater, or polo shirts only. No T-shirts. Button down shirts should be tucked in unless the length and style are designed to be worn untucked. Ties and blazers are welcome, but not required.

Pants    Slacks, chinos, or colored jeans only. No blue jeans, shorts, or linen pants. Must wear a belt.

Shoes    Leather dress shoes, boots, or sneakers with a leather upper. No athletic shoes

COMPANY PROPERTY USE  |  We may provide you property, tools, technology, intellectual materials, etc. to help you do your job. You are responsible for protecting these resources at all times. Upon termination of employment, whether voluntary or involuntary, you are required to return all property to your leader. In addition, unapproved removal or possession of company property at any time is prohibited.

Company Phone Numbers  We own all phone numbers related to company-issued mobile devices. We will retain the number along with the mobile devices and all issued accessories upon separation. Leadership may choose to make an exception under special circumstances. In these instances, a time frame will be provided to have services moved to a personal account.