Amanda Bullen

Transitioning from a corporate environment that emphasized long hours and a constant fear of repercussions to an environment where my well-being is valued has marked a profound shift in my mindset. Currently, I am actively adapting to new patterns of rest because of this shift. Remarkably, after two decades, I no longer return home mentally and emotionally drained. This transformation enables me to offer my family a version of myself that is not depleted but rather, a ‘healthier Amanda.’

As a mother of two active teenagers, this role has granted me the precious gift of being fully present during their last year at home. It also serves as an opportunity to reset their perception of work and instill in them a healthier perspective. An unexpected blessing has been the presence of a supportive leader who genuinely cares for my well-being and not just what I can produce.

Moreover, I find immense joy in the realization that my role allows me not only to utilize the gifts the Lord has put in me but also to refine and enhance them. The experience of stewarding these gifts within my current position has been a source of deep gratitude. I appreciate the divine timing and the opportunity to contribute to the mission of Betenbough.