It starts with purpose.

Our purpose is to reveal God and His Kingdom through our work in the marketplace.


Betenbough Beginnings

    Our journey started in 1992 with a father-son duo who wanted to deliver quality, affordable homes and honor God through their work. Today, Betenbough Companies, PBC, is employee-owned and has grown to include multiple companies with distinct missions, but united under one purpose.

    What is a PBC?  A Public Benefit Corporation, or PBC, is a corporate organization structure in the State of Texas that allows an organization to have priorities beyond profit. This structure allows us to continue to balance our purpose alongside profit and long-term return for our employee owners.

    Our Why, What, and How

    Our Why is defined through our purpose statement, "to reveal God and His Kingdom through our work in the marketplace."

    Our What is clarified through distinct missions unique to each company, yet achieved under our purpose. Below you can see each of our companies' mission statements. 

    Our How is unified as we strive to intentionally shape and maintain a healthy culture. We consider these four values to be foundational to our success:

    Unity    ||    Growth    ||    Excellence    ||    Generous Stewardship


    Company Missions

      Board of Directors


      Rick Betenbough

      CEO, & Co-Founder of Betenbough Homes


      Ron Betenbough

      Chairman of the Board, & Co-Founder of Betenbough Homes 


      Holly Betenbough

      Board Member


      Walter Cunningham

      Board Member, & President of Betenbough Business Services


      Kerry Ritchie

      Board Member, & Director of Alcove Farms


      Cal Zant

      Board Member, & President of Betenbough Homes