Arianna Richetti

I know God chose me for the role I serve in now and feel this is a testament to His faithfulness. When I think about where I was before Betenbough, I’m amazed. Connection is so valued here. I remember a time at my previous job when I was chatting with co-workers for a couple of minutes and seeing one of the managers walk by glaring at us. He smiled but his eyes said otherwise, as to say, “Stop talking, get back to work.” I thought at the time that’s just how it is—you work and that’s that. Now that I am here, I understand that most companies operate with that mindset, but Betenbough is different because it prioritizes Kingdom work first. With that comes genuine human connection and love. Betenbough embodies a beautiful example of what being the church looks like, outside of the church walls. I absolutely love coming to work and being a part of a family that prays over, invests in, and cares for one another. It has been such a refreshing experience, and I cannot wait to see all that the good Lord continues to do and how He will use me, the company, and its people to advance the Kingdom further.