“HOME” by Faith & Co

Faith & Co. developed a film that focuses on the impact Betenbough Homes had on one family in particular, the Baxter family, who bought a home in our Windstone community in Lubbock.

Transformation and Transparency

Watch as Tanner talks through his past and transformation since being at Betenbough Homes, and hear his teammates speak to the fruit in their own lives of being led by a man with a heart posture of vulnerability and transparency!

The Lord’s Relentless Pursuit

What started as excitement to see the sights, experience the culture, and try the delicious food, turned into a major turning point in Aaron’s faith journey.

A Home of Their Own

In June 2022, Betenbough Homes’ Midland region made the generous decision to give away a 2,050 square feet, 4 bed, 2 bath brand-new home in our Greenwood Pecan Grove community.

Inviting Others In

In typical corporate America, employees are expected to check their baggage at the door. Outside struggles aren’t welcome in the workplace if they hinder productivity. However, at Betenbough Companies, it’s different. Sarah Sales, former Betenbough Companies marketing team member, experienced the fruits of working in a people-first culture first-hand.

The Way the Lord Leads

Justin Aguilar, Betenbough Companies software development manager, found his faith in Christ during these times in prayer with his team. When he started at Betenbough Companies, he was, as he described, “agnostic at best.”

Finding Value in the Workplace

“Go to work. Keep to myself. Get it done.” – That was Colby Heatwole’s mindset during his beginning days at Betenbough Companies. That is, until Ryan Harris, former Betenbough Companies home office property and facilities manager, came along.

A Home From the Ashes

“When we arrived, the house was already falling. You could hear the wood crashing down.” The home they worked so hard to build – burned to the ground.

A Simple “Yes”

In 2020, Brittany Mohr entered the doors of Betenbough Homes as a young woman with strained family ties and a history of hurt behind her.