Justin Betancur

Gabriela Wilbanks

I felt like I was finally equipped with some real knowledge and had a game plan moving forward. I thought that I was going to have to make some major changes, and it was going to be difficult to stay motivated. The clear and detailed plan has been manageable and led to noticeable results within a few weeks. I have changed my diet, daily routine, and mind set.

Liza & Zach Tijerina

Gabriela Wilbanks

This whole process has provided real hope for sustainable, lifelong changes without the need for medication. We received practical tools to help set up our kids for success too! Zach was a bit skeptical in the beginning, until he realized that the consultations he received (both medical and nutritional) weren’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We received different advice, thus validating the unique approach!

Casey Brewer

Gabriela Wilbanks

I had always thought I was pretty healthy and did a great job when making my eating choices. However, there were a couple of minor “surprises” that I discovered in my bloodwork that actually ended up giving me something tangible to work on.

Darren & Rebecca Browder

Gabriela Wilbanks

The coolest thing about this experience so far is the expectation of long-term wellness and improved health. I hope all Betenbough Company employees experience this individualized health and nutrition program that leads to a healthy, better quality of life.

Eddie Huskey

Gabriela Wilbanks

For me this was eye opening to be able to sit down and dive into my overall well being according to my blood work and lifestyle. This was the first time a medical professional had ever actually met with me after completing blood work. I always thought I guess no news is good news when I completed it with prior PCP’s. I was very encouraged after we met to see what my body needed and didn’t need. 

Keelyn McInroe

Adam Rickman

My professional career and my spiritual life have been impacted by Betenbough’s culture of innovation and eternity-focused vision.

Lael Basore

Gabriela Wilbanks

The Betenbough culture is vastly different than other workplaces because, where other companies define you by your sales numbers, Betenbough defines you by your heart. My leader has taken the time to not only let me know she is proud of the progress I have made in my job, but has also taken the time in our one-on-one’s to get to know me. At Betenbough I know I am valued as a person, not just as “another team member”. Throughout my life I have always second-guessed if what I was doing held enough value. Now I know, anything I do, from the smallest detail to a home closing, brings value not only to me, but to my team. I find I am more proud of myself professionally and personally each day that I work here.

Kyle Battin

Gabriela Wilbanks

I have seen time and again the leaders in this company put “people above profit”. I have watched our leadership adjust the price of homes, add in extra incentives or help cover the closing cost on our homes, not just to make a sale, but because it was the right thing to do. Betenbough truly wants the best for our customers and for employees. I recently went through a difficult time with some issues my adult children were facing. My leaders both pulled me to the side, checked on me and then told me to go home and take care of what I needed to take care of. In most of my other jobs, I would have been told to take a few minutes and then get right back at it, but not here at Betenbough. These are just a couple of many examples that show how lives lived seeped in Betenbough’s culture can affect and change us all.

Breydon Seright

Jeff Johnston

Throughout my early childhood into high school, I was an avid believer and pursued my faith in absolutely everything that I did. I made some extremely terrible decisions in college, where I studied ministry, that lead me down a path that was incredibly tough to find my way out of. In those times of addiction and alcoholism, I lost touch with my faith entirely. I have done a lot of personal work to straighten out my life and am working to build a strong foundation for my wife and me. During the interview process, after the second interview, I told myself, “If God wants you here, then he will make the path happen.” I received an offer not too long after that. Since starting here, I feel different. I’ve never been in an environment where someone has poured this much into me, and genuinely cared for my all-around well-being. I’ve learned to start believing again, and I have received guidance from my Betenbough coworkers. At first, I thought this place was just another job, but it’s much much more than that. I’m incredibly thankful to be where I am today.

Jake Stunz

Adam Rickman

When my wife, two sons, and I moved back to Texas after a couple years of international ministry, we were needing a place to rest and recover. Initially, moving to Lubbock wasn’t on our radar until a close friend and Betenbough team member told me more about the people-first culture and unique work environment at Betenbough Companies. The Lord put it on my heart to apply and I haven’t regretted it once. The leadership cares deeply about every part of what makes a person human, not just what a person can produce for the betterment of the organization. I have found that this has not only kept me highly motivated and purpose-driven in my work, but it has also catalyzed the rest and recovery my family and I needed in this season of our lives.