Transformation and Transparency

Tanner Lawson, Betenbough Homes Lubbock West construction manager, joined the team with a background chock-full of hardship and heartache. While his transformation had already begun prior to joining the team, he credits Betenbough Homes with unlocking his leadership potential and giving him the confidence to be vulnerable as he shares his story with those around him. It’s no secret that Tanner is well-loved, respected, and valued by his peers at Betenbough Homes. Watch as Tanner talks through his past and transformation since being at Betenbough Homes, and hear his teammates speak to the fruit in their own lives of being led by a man with a heart posture of vulnerability and transparency!

Want to hear more from Tanner? Listen to his episode of Peak Perspectives where Tanner takes us on a deep dive into his past, gives insight into where the Lord has brought him today, and shares how his life experiences have played a role in his path to leadership and leading people at Betenbough Homes.

Check out Tanner’s MVP video.

“I think that’s what makes it so special here — we can have relationships and friendships where it’s not all about the bottom line; it’s about creating a family.”

– Tanner Lawson