A Vision for Wellness

Spurred on by Rick Betenbough’s health journey and passion for wellness in all areas of life, Betenbough Companies brought a radically different approach to health and wellness in 2023. This changed everything — from the snacks and drinks provided in our office kitchens to utilizing stand-up desks and encouraging breaks in the day to slow down and take a walk. This year, our company created a dedicated team whose focus, beyond health insurance, is to assist team members with the Four Pillars of Health: nutrition, hydration, movement and peace. Since taking a proactive approach to wellness, we’ve seen victories over illnesses, diabetes and dependencies. We’ve witnessed breakthroughs and we’ve seen how peace changes lives.

Watch as we highlight a few team members whose lives are being transformed by making small changes towards their personal health and wellness journeys, ultimately resulting in a peace that changes everything.

“That is the path that God wants for all of us… just to be healthy and whole in His Kingdom.”