Rick Betenbough Legacy

As Jeanna stated in her letter, our impact report exists to tell stories of how people flourished spiritually, personally and professionally throughout the course of the year. This is a unique annual report for a business – one that is truly an honor and a privilege to compile, and we only have that privilege because of the way Rick Betenbough led this company. Through his love for people and his obedience to the Lord, Rick put the flourishing of people as the highest priority – both in his own life and for Betenbough Companies. The impact Rick had on the lives of others cannot be overstated, and it continues to increase today. The ripple effect he created will spread further than we’ll ever be able to see. So, as we look back on the stories of impact from 2023, we would be remiss to not share some of the quotes and testimonies from those who’ve been impacted by Rick personally or by one of the ripples he created. We hope they give you a glimpse into the incredible life and legacy of our beloved founder. 

David Jordan, President of the West Texas Home Builders Association
Backyard Missions Team
Kathryn Miller
Daniel Skolfield
Todd Truesdell
Daman Schuber, Co-founder of Schuber-Mitchell Homes