Kingdom Investments

Betenbough Companies desires to partner with established organizations that embrace a Kingdom-advancing style through a union of the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:35-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

We are drawn to organizations that embody a relational style, while also embracing a sustainable ministry model. Our heart is for the type of Kingdom investment made to enhance the organization’s effort rather than sustain it.

2023 Kingdom Investments: $2,363,601.00

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, CMIA is a Bible-believing, non-denominational, independent mission that is reaching out with the love of Christ to the people of Africa. In 2023, Betenbough Companies gave a Kingdom Investment of $500,000 towards finishing construction of the new academy, instruments, 2 buses, maintenance/remodeling of facilities, a pastor’s home, farmland, school equipment, uniforms and shoes, class trips, and upgrades to their ministry vehicles.

YWAM Liberia is committed and passionate about mobilizing people into missions. From building homes to serving the needs of the poor, both practically and spiritually. In 2023, the company gave YWAM Liberia a Kingdom Investment gift of $70,000 to purchase a new van and truck for the center.

The Bucket Ministry is on a mission to share God’s love through the gift of clean, safe, drinking water. They provide under-resourced communities around the world with long-lasting water filters, forge and nurture new relationships with Jesus Christ, and inspire systemic, Christ-centered change through discipleship training. In 2023, our company gave The Bucket Ministry a Kingdom Investment for $240,400 to provide the Gospel and 20 years’ worth of clean, safe drinking water to the village of Soweto East inside the Kibera Slums in Nairobi, Kenya. This included 4,808 water filter kits for every home in Soweto East.

Vapor Ministries creates micro businesses to establish sustainable centers, provide clean drinking water, and share the love of Jesus through weekly discipleship through soccer. In 2023, Betenbough Companies gave a Kingdom Investment for $500,000 so they could expand The Providence Place. This allows them to offer mortgage-free housing for more of their staff families, which cuts their daily commute from almost three hours to just a few minutes, allows them to get in a better place financially, and helps the ministry invest more into their centers in Haiti, Togo, and Kenya.

Asian Partners International – $75,000.00

Dare 2 Share – $125,417.00

Scriptures in Use – $75,000.00

Prepare International – $242,200.00

Texas Girls & Boys Ranch – $117,825.00

Share International – $70,000.00

Homes for Hope – $100,000.00

Houses for Healing – $247,759.00